Richard Wright

Richard Wright didn't have the outsized personality of Pink Floyd bandmates Syd Barrett and Roger Waters, and his instrumental prowess was never as celebrated as David Gilmour's. And yet, as Gilmour was the first to tell anyone, many of Pink Floyd's most revered moments -- from 'Interstellar Overdrive' and 'Echoes' to 'Us and Them' and 'Shine on Your Crazy Diamond' -- were driven by important contributions from this shy, but critically important figure. As Waters ascended to a leadership position in the late '70s, however, Wright's role diminished. He finally left as the '80s began, but not before launching a sporadic solo career with 'Wet Dream,' which featured King Crimson alum Mel Collins. The four-part concept album 'Broken China' included guest vocals by Sinead O'Connor. By then, Wright had rejoined a Waters-less edition of Pink Floyd, and he'd later appear on Gilmour's solo tours -- performing 'Breakthrough' from the 'Broken China' album, along with other Floyd favorites. Wright died in 2008.