When we first heard that AC/DC singer Brian Johnson would be guesting on Sting's new album, we were somewhat dubious. After all, AC/DC's boozy barroom crunch couldn't be further away from Sting's classy jazz-speckled pop.

We were even more skeptical after we heard 'The Last Ship' and couldn't pick out Johnson's distinctive voice anywhere in the album's dozen songs. But we finally found him -- on one of the Super Deluxe edition of the album's eight bonus tracks.

Not only that, we have an exclusive 90-second preview of 'Sky Hooks and Tartan Paint' for you to listen to below -- a day before the album's official release. There's no mistaking Johnson's voice on the track. THIS STREAM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE 

'The Last Ship' is Sting's first full album of original material in a decade. It doubles as the soundtrack to the former Police frontman's upcoming stage production, which will open in Chicago next year and then head to Broadway. The story (and album) is based on Sting's childhood memories of growing up in a coastal town.

Listen to Sting's 'Sky Hooks and Tartan Paint' Featuring Brian Johnson