Fleetwood Mac's reunion with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks for a performance of "Don't Stop" at Bill Clinton's first inaugural ball remains one of the most memorable post-election moments in modern political history — so it's natural that The New York Times would ask Nicks for her thoughts regarding the upcoming election.

"Of course I’m for Hillary Clinton," Nicks told the Times. "It’s hard to think of anything as amazing as that song was for Bill. He picked it out when he was driving around in a cab somewhere years before."

The classic Fleetwood Mac lineup is together again, but don't expect an encore performance of "Don't Stop" if Clinton defeats Donald Trump this fall. Instead, Nicks has a different song in mind for the next inaugural ball. "When she wins by a landslide, I could gather together the Dixie Chicks, Billy Corgan and everybody who’s ever sung a version of 'Landslide,'" she imagined. "It’s not uptempo, but it certainly would get the message across."

Nicks, who's heading out on a solo tour with the Pretenders in support of her 24 Karat Gold LP, has expressed her support for Clinton's candidacy in the past — and long before the current election really started grinding into gear.

"She’s so damn smart," Nicks told MacLean's last year. "As far as the Republicans go — and my parents were both Republicans — there is no rising star. If you think of the great Republican presidents, there is no that guy. There is no John Kennedy rising in the Republican world. There is no Ronald Reagan. In the Democratic world, there is no that guy either. There is Hillary. Period. She’s my around age, and I’m 66 and a half years old. I hope that she doesn’t go like [whispers]: 'I just can’t do it,' because she has a daughter, a granddaughter and a life and Bill. You have to forget about your life and determinedly and totally throw yourself into being the leader of this country."

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