Beware young Eugene Martone (aka Ralph Macchio) -- the devil wants your soul and he's sending his guitar-slinging henchman Jack Butler (aka real-life guitar great Steve Vai) to collect in a guitar dual in the 1986 film, 'Crossroads.' In the movie, Macchio hones his skills while traveling with an aging bluesman to the place where the old man claims to have sold his soul for fame and fortune.

At that point in time, Vai was more known as the up-and-coming guitarist for David Lee Roth's solo band, but the combination of the film, his work with Roth, and a resume that included stints with Frank Zappa, Alcatrazz, and Public Image Ltd. put his name on the tongues of all guitar-worshiping fans in the mid-'80s.


Watch Steve Vai in 'Crossroads'

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