Even though he's one of the biggest rock stars on the planet, Slash isn't too big to take the stage with the little people.

The legendary guitarist ventured out to South Dakota recently, where he took the stage with a group of students from the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy, a Sioux Falls facility that offers kids free music education. And this isn't a case of getting what you pay for either. Although Slash's young bandmates had been practicing for only a couple of months, they still managed to hold their own. You can see video of the performance below.

"It was great," Slash enthused in an interview after the show. "Once we got everything in tune we were off and running. The drummer was really good. One of the bands that played before us, the bass player was amazing -- so yeah, they all have potential."

Slash went on to express his hope that something similar could take hold in Los Angeles, bemoaning the budget cuts that have wiped out music education in many public schools across the U.S. "The public school system, they keep downsizing because of the budget, and the first things they take out are the arts," he said. "Art classes, music classes, stuff like that. It's unfortunate because that's a huge outlet for young people to latch onto."

Ultimately, he insisted, "It's all about the kids. I've got two of my own, and I think supporting kids and setting them out in the right direction is one of the most important things -- I hate to sound like an adult, but ... -- that we can do."

Watch Slash Perform With Students at the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy

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