Fans have been calling for a Skid Row reunion with all original members since frontman Sebastian Bach was fired in 1996. It seems the dream is one step closer to reality, with Bach now on board with the idea. A recent tweet reveals he's not the one holding the project up.

In response to a follower's inquiry about the possibility of a reunion, Bach tweeted "4 out of 5 want to do it. Believe it or not i (sic) am one of the 4 who would do it."

So who is that lone holdout? It'd be easy to assume it's bassist Rachel Bolan because he's been the most vocal supporter of the new lineup -- featuring Johnny Solinger on vocals -- while insisting their band doesn't look back. Bach has done a 180 since 2011 when he seemed to slam the door on rejoining with Bolan, guitarists Dave Sabo and Scotti Hill and drummer Rob Affuso.

"If this makes even one of you stop asking me 'when are you getting the band back together' then good," Bach tweeted after reading of Bolan's support for Solinger on Blabbermouth. "IT'S NOT HAPPENING."

Perhaps Bolan has also had a change of heart or maybe he is the one who won't agree to performing with Bach again. For now they'll continue to tour separately, with both returning to the road the weekend of June 7.

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