8/22 Update No. 2: Scott Weiland was NOT the man arrested for meth possession, the Police and therefore the press were fooled by an imposter. Full details here.

Update: Two conflicting reports have emerged since this story broke earlier this evening. First, Scott Weiland posted the following video to his Facebook page, denying he was in jail and telling TMZ they would soon be hearing from his lawyers:

However, TMZ responded by updating their own story and stating they had spoken to a representative for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, who reportedly told them that "He [Weiland] is definitely in custody. We did a physical check on that inmate and he is currently in custody."

Furthermore, our friends at Loudwire have obtained an Inmate Information Center document from the L.A. Sheriff's Department showing a July 26, 2014 arrest for someone with Weiland's same name and birth date. The cause of arrest is not stated on this form, which you can see here.

TMZ is reporting that former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland is in jail, unable to post the needed $95,000 bond after being arrested on a charge of methamphetamine possession.

Weiland, who has waged a lengthy and public battle with substance abuse, was allegedly picked up after stealing razors from the Rite-Aid in Beverly Hills, TMZ says. Police then reportedly found meth, as well as an insulated bag meant to prevent alarm censors from detecting stolen merchandise. That was a month ago, according to the report, which says Weiland remains behind bars.

His Twitter account has been silent since early June. Weiland's last posted concert on Setlist.fm is from July 25. Meanwhile, there have been a series of posts to his Facebook page, but they are all throwback photos from Weiland's youth.

Meanwhile, Weiland was quoted in Chill magazine on August 1 criticizing Stone Temple Pilots' decision to move on without him. The group has issued a new EP titled 'High Rise' featuring Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington. Earlier in July, Weiland was lobbying for a Velvet Revolver reunion hoping to “make easy money.”