Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Rush are planning to release a document of their most recent incredibly successful stint on the road. 'Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour' will be available on Nov. 19 as a two-CD set and a DVD/Blu-ray.

'Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour' chronicles their sold-out night at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Nov. 28, 2012. It includes nine songs from 'Clockwork Angels,' three drum solos from Neil Peart and, of course, plenty of their classics. Much of the second disc features the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble.

The DVD and Blu-ray versions feature the entire performance as well as a 25-minute documentary called 'Can't Stop Thinking Big,' three short films used during the tour, several sketches and a soundcheck performance of 'Limelight.'

This is the third Rush release slated for the fall. On Sept. 30, Atlantic will put out a remixed take of 2002's 'Vapor Trails' and a seven-disc box set comprised of every album they have recorded for Atlantic Records to date.

'Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour' Track Listing

Disc One
'The Big Money'
'Force Ten'
'Grand Designs'
'The Body Electric'
'The Analog Kid'
'Where’s My Thing?/ Here It Is!' (drum solo)
'Far Cry'

Disc Two
'Clockwork Angels'
'The Anarchist'
'The Wreckers'
'Headlong Flight'/ 'Drumbastica' (drum solo)
'Peke’s Repose' (guitar solo)/'Halo Effect'
'Seven Cities of Gold'
'Wish Them Well'
'The Garden'
'The Percussor (I) Binary Love Theme (II) Steambanger’s Ball' (drum solo)
'Red Sector A'
'The Spirit of Radio'

'Tom Sawyer'

Bonus DVD/Blu-Ray Footage
'Limelight' (soundcheck recording)
'Middletown Dreams'
'The Pass'
'Manhattan Project'

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