The Rolling Stones revealed more about their upcoming tour's setlist, paid tribute to B.B. King and talked about Mick Jagger's backside in a Twitter Q&A today.

Ron Wood offered an intriguing preview of what's to come as the Stones take the road again. "We're playing things like 'Sister Morphine' [from the soon-to-be-reissued Sticky Fingers] that we've never played before," Wood said.

That's not all. Rehearsals have found the Rolling Stones digging "songs out of the archives, you know. We're doing [Otis Redding's] 'I Can't Turn You Loose,' which is really fun. It's really mad, and should really set the audience alight," Wood adds. "We move through different eras, and we have such a huge back catalog that, every day, a surprise comes up."

Both Keith Richards and Jagger talked about the passing of King, the blues legend who died last week at age 89. "Sad loss," Richards said. "He was one of the greats. I mean, he had beautiful style. B.B. was a great guy. He was one of the true gentlemen. I shall miss him a lot." Jagger recalled his favorite King album: "The one we all had when we were young was Live at the Regal. That was really nice record."

The always-composed Charlie Watts was asked perhaps the most outlandish question of the day: "Are you sick of seeing Mick's arse after all these years?" His priceless reply? "No. It's one of the finest views in the country."

The Rolling Stones' 15-city stadium trek, dubbing the ZIP Code Tour, is set to begin May 24 in San Diego and continue through July 15 in Quebec.

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