It's that time again, when we begin pondering who will be nominated for induction into the 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Back in April, our sister site Diffuser offered a list of the year's newly eligible nominees. But above you'll find 15 Newly Eligible (But Extremely Unlikely) 2018 Rock Hall of Fame Candidates.

Even though every year brings a few nominated acts that leave you scratching your head, there's usually a pretty good reason why they're even being considered in the first place. We're not talking about those artists. We're talking about the ones that won't even get that far.

According to the the Rock Hall's requirements, artists “become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record. Besides demonstrating unquestionable musical excellence and talent, inductees will have had a significant impact on the development, evolution and preservation of rock 'n' roll.”

This means artists must have released an album or EP in 1993 or earlier but, of course, the rest leaves a lot to individual taste and perception. Whether artists get outright snubbed, or if you just want to ignore the politics of it altogether, differences of opinion are sure to come up. Then there's the question of which past members of a group should be inducted with their former bandmates.

We're guessing none of the 15 Newly Eligible (But Extremely Unlikely) 2018 Rock Hall of Fame Candidates will ever have to worry about any of this.

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