Actress and singer Rita Wilson has released a new song called "I Wanna Kiss Bob Dylan."

In it, she questions whether his kisses would be "long like his six-minute songs on Time Out of Mind." Wilson also references several of Dylan's songs, including "Standing in the Doorway," "Make You Feel My Love" and "Talkin’ World War III Blues" (via an interpolation of his lyric "I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours”), as well as the Rolling Thunder Revue.

“The stream of consciousness hit me while initially writing the song," Wilson said. "I went so deep into a fantasy of what Bob Dylan might be like, and that no matter who you are, your imagination can expand into being that person.”

In the video, Wilson had a jacket had made based on the artwork she made for the song. “I painted the single cover for the song from a black-and-white photo of Bob Dylan from many years ago," she said. "Since I didn’t know what the colors in the jacket were, I made them up, using fuchsia, orange, green, yellow, because in my head that felt right. The colors are like an explosion of creativity.”

She and four actors are seen with the jacket, which, she added, "becomes a representation of our inner artist, the cloak we don as we create, as we imagine a new song or painting or dance or book. Each artist has their own artistic expression. We are only limited by what we allow ourselves to imagine.”

You can watch the video below.

Wilson has included "I Wanna Kiss Bob Dylan" on a Spotify playlist of romantic Dylan songs, which includes such well-known cuts as "Tangled Up in Blue," "Forever Young" and "Just Like a Woman" as well as more recent tracks like "I Contain Multitudes" and "I've Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You."


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