A verdict has been reached in the lawsuit involving a woman who said she was injured by Rick Springfield’s buttocks. In Syracuse yesterday (Jan. 16), a jury ruled in favor of Springfield, who celebrated by photobombing a reporter.

LocalSYR reports that the jury didn't sit around too long before determining that Springfield “was not negligible or liable” for the damages sustained to Vicki Calcagno of Liverpool, NY, so we can presume there was no split opinion. She claimed that she suffered “serious, disabling and permanent injuries” when, during a performance at the 2004 New York State Fair, the ‘80s hitmaker fell off the stage and landed on her with his posterior. The case had been floating around in the courts since it was first filed in 2007.

His departure from the courtroom coincided with NewsChannel 9’s Jeff Kulikowsky beginning to record a segment about the case. A justifiably smiling Springfield snuck up behind the reporter, then proceeded to hang around to be interviewed about the ruling (embedded above).

“I believed in the truth of what actually happened,” he said. “And I was prepared to go to the wall for that. I know a lot of people were surprised that I didn’t just settle. But it was important to me to make a statement because a lot of people were watching this case — a lot of promoters and a lot of bands — and I think it would have set a pretty dangerous precedent if it had gone the other way, I think. It would have suddenly opened it up to all kinds of things.”

Hopefully, now that the case has been flushed out of the legal system and the air has been cleared, Springfield can wash his hands of the whole ordeal.

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