Depending on your point of view, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is either a fantastic fundraiser or a water-wasting gimmick. For Bon Jovi fans, however, it might be the prelude to a reunion between estranged longtime creative partners Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora.

As we previously reported, Bon Jovi took the challenge, and per ice bucket custom, he nominated a few of his friends to get doused (and donate money to ALS research) along with him -- including Sambora, who's been on the outs with the band since leaving during their spring 2013 tour.

Once Bon Jovi's chilly gauntlet was thrown, Sambora didn't waste much time: In a video posted Aug. 19 (which you can watch above), he sat for his own dunking, and although he punked out a bit on the "nominate three other people" thing, naming only his bandmate/girlfriend Orianthi and "all my friends and fans," what's important here is that Bon Jovi and Sambora are finally exchanging public words that amount to something besides "he started it."

Classic Rock Magazine speculates that the videos could lead to a full-fledged reunion for the pair, and while there's been no official indication in that area, it would make a pretty sweet postscript for the Bon Jovi fans who've been stuck in the middle of all this bickering. Fingers crossed for all you Tommys and Ginas out there.

In the meantime, the other two Bon Jovi members mentioned in Jon's challenge, drummer Tico Torres and keyboardist David Bryan, have also accepted. Tico took the dunk in a video on the band's Facebook page and tagging a few friends of his own -- including the one and only Alice Cooper. You can see Bryan, who challenged New Jersey supermarket executive Richard Saker, Gavin Degraw, and Ryan Cabrera, in the video below.

Watch David Bryan Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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