With an estimated net worth of £820 million, Paul McCartney has topped a list of the richest musicians in Britain. Also high on the list are U2, Elton John and a pair of Rolling Stones.

The news comes from Business Insider Singapore, which went through the upcoming Sunday Times Rich List and filtered out the Top 36 musicians. The ranking -- the 30th year the newspaper has compiled a list of the 1,000 richest people in Britain -- is based on “identifiable wealth,” which includes known assets such as ownership of land, art, racehorses and shares in public companies, but not money held in private bank accounts.

Being an ex-Beatle continues to pay dividends. McCartney's former bandmate, Ringo Starr, is in eighth place at £220 million, while George Harrison, through his estate run by his son Dhani and widow Olivia, is one notch ahead of Starr at £230 million. U2, the only entry on the list that's a group rather than an individual, are in third with £569 million. Elton John (£300 million) is in fourth, with Mick Jagger (£260 million) directly behind him, followed by Keith Richards (£245 million). Andrew Lloyd Webber (£740 million) and Michael Flatley (£202 million) are the only non-rock musicians in the Top 10.

Other rockers in the Top 20 include Sting (£190 million), Rod Stewart (£180 million), Eric Clapton and Roger Waters (£175 million each), as well as Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne (£145 million).

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