In anticipation of his third studio album, 'The Ceaseless Sight,' we are excited to present the lyric video for Rich Robinson's new single, 'One Road Hill.' Robinson is a founding member -- alongside brother Chris -- of the Black Crowes, and 'One Road Hill' is yet another memorable song from this talented musician.

While 'The Ceaseless Sight' features 12 beautiful folk-oriented tracks infused with rock and roll, Robinson says 'One Road Hill' was the first that inspired the writing for the entire album. "My son has this little baby guitar and he was two at the time and was banging on it," he tells Ultimate Classic Rock in an exclusive chat. "I picked it up and it only had four strings on it, and I just wrote 'One Road Hill' really quickly. It really connected with me."

With lyrics like, "Feelin' good, not feelin' down / Watch me run I never touch the ground," it's obvious the song was written in a positive atmosphere. When fans read the lyrics while listening to the tune, they'll no doubt experience a forward-looking feeling. "That’s where I am in my life right now, which is a good thing," Robinson explains. "A lot of what you create represents where you are emotionally and where you are in your own head. Even on a subconscious level. Especially on a subconscious level."

While he's already shot the full music video for 'One Road Hill,' Robinson is excited to share the lyric video with fans. He tells us, "This is really cool for people to experience what you’re singing about."

'The Ceaseless Sight' will be available on June 3 via The End Records / Circle Sound in multiple formats, including a limited edition double-LP. Pre-order your copy of Robinson's new record here.

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