The Magpie Salute -- featuring former Black Crowes members Rich Robinson, Marc Ford and Sven Pipien -- have unveiled a new song, “For the Wind,” from their upcoming album High Water I.

Although the lyrics were written by John Hogg, Robinson revealed that the music had been “finished and solid” while the Crowes were still active.

“That's an old song that I had but could never fit it anywhere," Robinson told Billboard. “That was the only song that I brought to the table musically that was finished. … There were certain things I tweaked over the years, but it never really worked in the other contexts I was in. But I played it for everyone, and they loved it. And just to hear that song come to fruition after years of having it is great."

You can listen to the song below.

“It's a lot about the systems in place in the world," Robinson said of the new album's theme. "The systems that have been in place as it pertains to creation of any kind. Music or books or fine arts or anything down the line have been flooded with greed and with bankers that get involved and tell artists how they can sell more if they write this way. And then basically you're just an entertainer; you let these pseudo-cynical people write these songs about jeans and Chevys and beer and whatever the hell people write about. That system being in place is constantly at odds with natural creativity. … It's always been that way, but it seems more fervent than ever now."

Robinson last week returned to the topic of his fall-out with brother Chris Robinson, which led to the Crowes’ collapse, going as far as to say he didn’t have a brother anymore. In the new interview, he was unapologetic about elements of the older band’s sound appearing in the Magpie Salute. “I write the way I write, and that's how I've always done it -- otherwise it would be insincere," he argued. “Musically, we covered a lot of ground in the Black Crowes, but it was Chris and my songwriting that drove the whole thing.”

Robinson noted "there's a familiarity to High Water I" -- which comes out on Aug. 10 -- “but there's a freshness to it, so it sounds old and new at the same time."

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