Rock 'n' roll might look like fun and games, but the touring musician's life can be a real physical drag, and Randy Bachman isn't as young as he used to be. For his latest round of tour dates, which sees him traveling thousands of miles between Bachman & Turner gigs and appearances as part of Peter Frampton's Guitar Circus lineup, he says he took extra care to make sure he'd be in shape for the trek.

"I figured, 'This is like a chance of my lifetime. I'm gonna do it all," Bachman told ABC News Radio. "I'm in training right now. I'm eating the good food. I'm swimming every day. I'm doing Pilates. I'm getting in shape for this. And it's gonna be [something] that I'll remember for the rest of my life."

Bachman's spot on the Frampton tour may have caught some fans by surprise, but as he pointed out, the two go way back, having been tourmates during the Bachman-Turner Overdrive era. After a chance encounter at the Musicians Hall of Fame induction ceremony earlier this year, they reconnected.

"At the end of the induction ... we're all onstage with [ZZ Top's] Billy Gibbons doing 'La Grange,'" he continued. "Everybody's onstage -- me, Frampton, Kenny Wayne Shepherd -- everybody's rockin' out. And I know Frampton from the '70s, when he [and BTO were] touring and each others' opening acts. And his manager's my old lawyer, Ken Levitan in Nashville. So we were all talking there, and then I got a call a week later saying, 'Do you want to join Frampton's Guitar Circus?' And I said, 'Of course.'"