Queensryche kicked off their Digital Noise Alliance Tour on Friday at Orlando, Fla.'s Plaza Theatre, debuting several songs off their new album of the same name and unearthing a handful of deep cuts that they hadn't played in years.

You can see the full set list (via setlist.fm) and videos of the performance below.

The Seattle rockers opened their show with the Digital Noise Alliance one-two punch of "In Extremis" and "Lost in Sorrow," the latter a live debut. They then dusted off Operation: Mindcrime cut "Spreading the Disease" for the first time since 2012, followed by The Warning's "Child of Fire" for the first time since 2014.

Other live debuts included Digital Noise Alliance tracks "Sicdeth" and "Forest," along with the 2013 Queensryche song "Don't Look Back" and "Inner Unrest" off 2019's The VerdictMindcrime deep cut "My Empty Room" also appeared for the first time since 2015.

The greatest surprise, however, came in the two-song encore, which began with The Warning's "Deliverance," which Queensryche hadn't played since 1987. They closed the show with another The Warning song, "Roads to Madness," which they played for the first time since 2013.

Digital Noise Alliance marks the fourth consecutive Queensryche release with singer Todd La Torre, who replaced classic-era frontman Geoff Tate. "The whole rebuilding process is progressing well," La Torre told Classic Rock in November. "For the most part, it's about giving the fans what they want: the [signature] Queensryche sound. That's something we've done over countless tours and several albums. It's a work in progress, but right now everything feels very strong."

The Digital Noise Alliance Tour will run through April 16 with support from ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman and Cliff Burton's pre-Metallica band Trauma.

Watch Queensryche Play 'Roads to Madness' on 3/3/23

Watch Queensryche Play 'Queen of the Reich' on 3/3/23

Queensryche, 3/3/23, The Plaza Theatre, Orlando
1. "In Extremis"
2. "Lost in Sorrow" (live debut)
3. "Spreading the Disease" (first time since 2012)
4. "Child of Fire" (first time since 2014)
5. "En Force"
6. "Don't Look Back" (live debut)
7. "Light-Years"
8. "Sicdeth" (live debut)
9. "Forest" (live debut)
10. "Jet City Woman"
11. "Inner Unrest" (live debut)
12. "Empire"
13. "Behind the Walls"
14. "Queen of the Reich"
15. "My Empty Room" (first time since 2015)
16. "Eyes of a Stranger"
17. "Deliverance" (first time since 1987)
18. "Roads to Madness" (first time since 2013)

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