William La Torre, father of Queensryche singer Todd La Torre, has passed away in an incident that St. Petersburg police are treating as a suicide.

The elder La Torre, a prominent chiropractor in the area, was found by employees at his practice and, although he left no note, detectives do not suspect foul play. "We have people with his family at this time and family and friends have gathered to deal with this news," a department spokesperson told reporters. "It is very difficult for everyone and, of course, he has been here in the Bay area for a long time, so he has a lot of people that knew him."

La Torre's local notoriety stemmed not only from his long years of service to the medical community, but also from a 1989 boat accident that ended in the deaths of four teenagers. Although he was acquitted of wrongdoing, La Torre's attorney in the case, Barry Cohen, speculated that the incident continued to haunt him. "You never know what goes on inside somebody's mind," Cohen mused. "He obviously had a lot going on -- a lot of demons eating at him."

La Torre's death has particularly poignant timing, coming on his 38th wedding anniversary and, given his standing in the community, news has quickly spread. While Todd La Torre is understandably dealing with his father's passing privately, he has reached out to fans, friends and followers with a brief Facebook note explaining a few of his feelings:

La Torre joined Queenryche for their 2013 self-titled album after the band's ugly split with Geoff Tate, and has remained as they began work on a follow up -- reportedly due next year.