In the latest episode of their ongoing legal soap opera, the members of Queensryche are accusing ousted singer Geoff Tate of withholding access to the group's official website and social media accounts.

According to Blabbermouth, the group made the new claims in a July 25 filing in response to Tate's recent motion to disqualify their attorney from representing them. Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield claim that Tate continues to interfere with their career despite a court ruling in early July that they could tour under the name Queensryche without him.

"This includes refusal to relinquish control of and other Internet and social media accounts, challenging the Defendants from taking control from the registering entity of," they state in court documents. The group recently launched a new website at

The musicians announced a side project called Rising West in late May, with singer Todd LaTorre taking Tate's place in what was essentially a tribute to classic Queensryche featuring most of the band members. Shortly after they announced that they were replacing Tate entirely and that LaTorre would become the new singer in Queensryche, touching off a spate of lawsuits between Tate and his former colleagues.

Tate is arguing that his musical and intellectual contributions to Queensryche are so extensive that the band should change its name in his absence. His former band mates allege that Tate has no legal right to use any offshoot of their familiar Tri-Ryche symbol in packaging and promoting his upcoming solo album.

Stay tuned for future episodes of 'As the Ryche Turns.'