The members of Queensryche have defeated a motion for a preliminary injunction filed by ousted vocalist Geoff Tate that will allow them to tour and operate under the band's name for the time being.


Billboard spoke with AGPS Management senior manager Glen Parrish, who explained, "We are excited that the Washington courts saw what we and the fans have always known, that Queensryche is more than any one member. We are sorry we had to go to court to show this, but we are determined to bring back the quality product Queensryche was known for. We can't wait to unveil to the fans what's next musically."

Parrish also revealed that the group had signed with AGPS Management, having recently ousted Tate's wife Susan from her role overseeing the band. The sworn declaration of Susan Tate regarding her husband's case toward the other group members has become public.

According to Blabbermouth, Tate claims that the band members painted an inaccurate picture of how she became their manager. Having initially started as the group's fan club operator, she later took on merchandising and was eventually asked to join the management team after the band became dissatisfied with their former representative.

Tate says over time she began performing more and more tasks assigned to a manager even though she was serving as an assistant to then chief Lars Sorenson, and was able to negotiate a contract for the group with Rhino which eventually led to a request by Scott Rockenfield to stay on as manager after Sorenson decided to quit.

She adds, "Rockenfield, Jackson and Wilton's assertions that Geoff and I conspired to take control of the band by force belies the fact that they were the very ones who hired me as the band's manager."

The remaining band members recently announced plans to continue with new singer Todd LaTorre taking over for Tate, and they performed under the moniker Rising West at a recent show prior to making the move to get rid of the singer.


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