The back and forth between Geoff Tate and his former bandmates in Queensryche continues with Tate's preliminary injunction that was filed this past Thursday (July 12) in King County Superior Court in Seattle.

Blabbermouth reports that Tate disputes a number of the accusations levied at him by the band. He states that while he was the last to join, the group did not have a singer before he was part of the outfit, therefore they were not a band yet. He also states that it's an incorrect assertion that he did not contribute to the making of the band's first self-titled EP, adding "I sang all the songs of the EP and with [former guitarist Chris] DeGarmo wrote what became the most popular song on the album, 'Lady Wore Black.' I also helped pay for the cost of the recording studio."

The singer disputes that he rejected attempts at sharing songwriting credits with the other members and adds that the decision to work with outside musicians only occurred because the other three members were not contributing to the songwriting.

He also disputes the accounts that refer to his wife Susan and her ousting as their manager, who he claims only took on the job reluctantly after the band had issues with their past management. The singer says that when it was first suggested that they move on from Susan Tate a full year before her ousting, guitarist Michael Wilton suggested that he wanted to hire Paul Geary.

Tate says that he and Scott Rockenfield were in on the call to Geary and let him know that they were not interested in moving forward with a new manager and that Wilton had started the process of his own accord, so therefore the decision not to hire Geary was not his alone.

As for the altercation that happened between the members, Tate says, "I was upset at the time, having been told that my wife and daughter had been fired and that I was 'next.' I regret losing my temper and my actions are not acceptable. It is also very unlike me to act in this manner. I do not lose my temper, become loud or threatening, or hit people … I did not threaten Rockenfield, [Eddie] Jackson, and Wilton during or after the show in Brazil. I also did not threaten them at any point after that."

Tate says he has no doubt that the incident upset Rockenfield and Wilton, neither were injured and it was also clear that neither musician was not and are not afraid of him. He also feels that group had been conspiring to oust him earlier than the incident and the altercation then gave them an excuse to use to do it.

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