With Geoff Tate's Operation: Mindcrime gearing up for the Sept. 18 release of The Key, the band with which Tate made his name, Queensryche,  is getting ready to put out their next album, Condition Human. You can watch the video for the second single, "Guardian," above.

As singer Todd La Torre told Billboard, the song "touches on the empowering qualities of strength in numbers, and how people can rise up to create real change. Movements are evident across the globe in varying degrees, ranging from ideological perspectives and how they relate to cultures, socioeconomic differences and its effects, human rights, etc. It is an anthem that supports people standing up for rights and values that may be infringed upon on the micro and macro level. It’s a single thread that surrounds a multifaceted topic of being human, human relationships relating to others and the world that surrounds us. Good, bad or indifferent, change is possible, but is only as strong as its relativity to perception, which perhaps is the very foundation and basis for the initiation of change.”

This is Queensryche's second record with La Torre as the frontman after their much-publicized and acrimonious split with Tate. The two years they've had to fully integrate La Torre into the band is, according to drummer Scott Rockenfield, evident on Condition Human. "This record [is], ‘Wow, OK, now we know what we can do together.’ We know we have chemistry with Todd, and we wanted to take the band even one step further, which was really dig into everything that we know that we're doing and that we have fun doing, and pull out all the stops, I guess, in a way of things we didn't really visit on the first record [with La Torre]."

Condition Human will be released on Oct. 2. Back in July, Queensryche unveiled "Arrow of Time" as the lead single.

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