A framed original poster for the Beatles’ last-ever concert at San Francisco’s Candelstick Park recently sold for an astonishing $6,999 on eBay.

As it’s well-known, by 1966, the Beatles had grown tired of the road. They were clearly now more inspired by the idea of using the recording studio as a method of experimentation than performing, where the multitude of screaming fans made it impossible for them to hear. The controversy surrounding John Lennon's misunderstood statement that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus led to death threats in America, which had not helped matters much, either.

Although nobody other than the band knew it at the time, their concert on August 29, 1966 -- the last night of their tour supporting ‘Revolver’ -- would be the last time they would perform in front of a paying audience.

The Beatles performed 11 songs that night: "Rock and Roll Music," "She's a Woman," "If I Needed Someone," "Day Tripper," "Baby's in Black," "I Feel Fine," "Yesterday," "I Wanna Be Your Man," "Nowhere Man," "Paperback Writer" and "Long Tall Sally." Their performance was slightly over 30 minutes long.

Opening up for the Beatles that night were the Cyrkle, who had a hit that summer with ‘Red Rubber Ball,’ which was co-written by Paul Simon. Also on the bill were the Ronettes, a favorite group of the Beatles, Boston garage band the Remains and R&B singer Bobby Hebb, who had a hit that year with ‘Sunny.’

The poster made for the concert, by Wes Wilson, has become quite famous due to its importance in Beatles history, as well as for its yin-yang logo featuring both the American flag and the Union Jack.

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