After a highly-successful first album as Port Chuck, 'General Hospital' soap stars Steve Burton, Scott Reeves, Brandon Barash and Bradford Anderson are back at it with 'Volume 2,' this time featuring classic '80s hits from Aerosmith, Duran Duran, Doobie Brothers and many more.

Port Chuck was formed two years ago when the four actors realized they all shared a common love for singing classic '80s rock. They took a test run out on the road to see if fans would even care to come see them perform, and they were pleasantly surprised. Their first performance drew nearly 2,000 people during the CMA Music Festival held in Nashville, Tenn.

One thing the new album contains that wasn't on 'Volume 1' is an original tune, 'Lost Without You,' penned by the four stars. "We decided to throw everybody a little curve ball with the new song," Reeves tells Ultimate Classic Rock. "Our fans have been asking for an original since we released the first album last year. It was a lot of fun to write something and try to make it fit in the style of music of Port Chuck at the same time. All of us are so different in our musical taste. There’s a lot of diversity between us, so we were trying to get everybody’s take on something from an 80s rock standpoint, or more of a classical standpoint where Bradford is concerned to a little more '60s, hippies, funky standpoint where Brandon is concerned, to kind of hard rock, '80s music where Steve is concerned, then of course me in the '80s hairband, Bon Jovi mode … to try to get all that into one song and make it translate was really fun to do."

Port Chuck will be hitting the road on the next leg of their tour this November. Their mini-tours are scheduled around when the four actors can take a break away from their roles on the ABC soap opera, but when they do, they pride themselves on giving fans exactly what they want ... the whole Port Chuck experience.

"Soap fans want something more than what they’re getting now," Burton explains to UCR. "They had Super Soap Weekend that they used to be able to go to. Now they don’t have that much because there’s not a lot of shows on the air. That’s why it’s so important for musicians to go shake hands and meet people. It’s very simple. The good thing is me, Brandon, Bradford and Scott have been making appearances for 20 years, so everyone knows us on the road. We know most of our fans by name. Now, what I’ve noticed, is more men are coming out because of the music. Now you have something that the wives can actually bring their husbands to that he’s not going to mind too much because it’s at a casino or at a place you can go and actually have fun and listen to music. It’s fun."

Visit the band's official website to keep up with the next Port Chuck tour, as well as details on any one-off appearances they will be making together or individually throughout the year. To order 'Volume 2,' the new Port Chuck album, click here.

'Port Chuck Volume 2' Track Listing:

1. 'Walk This Way'
2. 'Long Train Running'
3. 'Rock This Town'
4. 'Hallelujah' (Remix)
5. 'American Woman'
6. 'Lost Without You'
7. 'Don't You Want Me'
8. 'Outcast'
9. 'Born to Run'
10. 'White Lines'

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