One of the first songs Pink Floyd ever recorded, but never released, has now received a public airing. "Vegetable Man," a Syd Barrett track from the upcoming massive The Early Years 1965-1972 box set, premiered earlier today.

The song debuted on BBC Radio 6, where Nemone filled in for the program's usual host, Shaun Keaveny. Go to the station's website to listen to the show, and scroll over to the 50:15 mark, where she begins to talk about "Vegetable Man." The song was originally recorded in 1965, but was left in the vaults until now. It's been given a new mix specifically for the upcoming collection.

Arriving on Nov. 11, The Early Years 1965-1972 contains 27 discs, broken down into seven distinct periods, comprising the band's work from before the global success of The Dark Side of the Moon -- from the release of the "Arnold Layne" single to Obscured by Clouds and the historic Pompeii concert. Of the roughly 27 hours of material, there are 20 unreleased songs, seven hours of live audio and more than five hours of rare concert video. "Vegetable Man" is found on the first disc, from the collection called Cambridge St/ation, which covers Barrett's time in the band and goes from their pre-EMI demos to a 1967 concert performed in Stockholm.

Pink Floyd have now released three tracks from the box, with "Childhood's End" and video of them performing "Grantchester Meadows" for the BBC arriving in the past few weeks. They have also created an unboxing video that reveals the entire contents of the set.

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