Roger Waters likely wasn't expecting this plot twist when he fired his son in 2016.

In a recent Rolling Stone article, Harry Waters opened up about how he plans to join top Pink Floyd cover band, Brit Floyd for a string of shows behind the keys.

"I've never met any of them, but I'll just turn up and play," Harry told Rolling Stone. "I've been playing this music for 30 years or so. I think we'll be OK without a rehearsal."

How Roger Waters Fired His Own Son

Harry spent 14 years playing keyboard and organ as part of Roger's band. That all came to an end just before Christmas of 2016 as the Us + Them tour was ramping up to hit the road.

The way Rolling Stone tells it, Roger went to his first-born son's home in California where he fired him from the band. Everyone was gone from the band except keyboardist John Carin and guitarist Dave Kilminster.

Harry told Rolling Stone he doesn't know what led to Roger shaking up the band roster.

"I think he just wanted a change of Blood, something new, something fresh," he said in the recent interview. "I'm not sure of his exact reasoning, but everyone except two people got fired."

Moving On And Connecting With Brit Floyd

Following the ousting from his father's band, Harry pursued projects not connected to Pink Floyd. He started a jazz band. There also was a stint when he was composing music for shows like Downton Abbey.

He eventually wound up touring with Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade earlier this year when the band covered songs from Pink Floyd's 1977 release, Animals.

Harry told Rolling Stone it was Brit Floyd's manager who reached out about possibly making some guest appearances with the tribute act.

Brit Floyd is currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of The Dark Side Of The Moon with a run of three shows. Harry is scheduled to make a guest appearance along with former Pink Floyd contributors Durga McBroom and Scott Page. PJ Olsson, lead vocalist for the Alan Parson Live Project is also on the bill.

The plan is for Harry to play on "Time," "The Great Gig in the Sky" and "Pigs." He is unsure if Brit Floyd will want him beyond the three anniversary shows.

Even after being fired by his own father, it sounds as though Harry's desire to play Pink Floyd's music has not waned.

"But if they want me to do more, I would be interested," he said about an extending his run with Brit Floyd.

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