Phil Rudd — and the former AC/DC drummer's fans — will have to wait a few weeks to learn his legal fate.

As previously reported, Rudd pleaded guilty in April to charges of drug possession and threatening to kill, stemming from an incident that occurred late last year. Rudd had been accused of attempting to procure the murder of a former associate during a period in which, as he later put it, he was "pretty stressed" due to disappointing early sales of his solo album, Head Job.

SunLive reports that Rudd was originally due to be sentenced on June 26, but that's been postponed for unexplained reasons, with a new sentencing date set for July 9.

Rudd faces up to seven years in prison for the charges, but his legal team is hoping to avoid jail time, potentially by arguing that his local notoriety somehow contributed to pre-trial prejudice that may have influenced the case. He's certainly continued making headlines since his arrest: His first court appearance was something of a fracas, his first lawyer abruptly resigned, and he was brought before a judge in handcuffs after getting into a pair of public brawls.

While Rudd awaits sentencing, his former bandmates have moved on: AC/DC started its tour in support of its most recent album, Rock or Bust, in May, with former drummer Chris Slade back behind the kit.

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