Peter Gabriel has released another new song from his upcoming album, i/o. You can listen to "Love Can Heal" below.

The Origins of Peter Gabriel's 'Love Can Heal'

Gabriel said the song was written back in 2016, and he debuted it live that year during his North American tour with Sting. At the time, Gabriel dedicated it to Jo Cox, the British politician murdered by an extremist that summer.

"I think the song fits right into the themes of the album," Gabriel explained in a press release, "in the sense that i/o is about feeling and being connected to everything, and in a way, the next evolution of being connected to things is a feeling of love for everything.

"It sounds trite just to say 'love can heal,'" he continued, "but I really believe that it is a key element and that when people feel interaction, warmth, giving, part of something alive and not isolated, that they're much more likely to do well and be able to offer more themselves."

Peter Gabriel's Artwork

As with previous i/o songs, "Love Can Heal" comes with distinctive artwork, this time created by British painter Antony Micallef.

"I was listening to a few of the songs and it's interesting because it's like putting on clothes and going 'Oh, this suits me' or 'That doesn't suit me," Micallef noted. "With 'Love Can Heal' I could see my images coming up when I was hearing it. ... I love artists who take risks and Peter's always chopped and changed and I like to do that too with my work and you know it doesn't just rest on this one thing."

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Gabriel is currently scheduled to begin a tour of North America in September.

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