Peter Gabriel is one of many Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees who's still creatively energized, both in the studio and as a touring musician. But for his first song, the former Genesis member reached back to 1992's 'Us' for the monstrous 'Digging In The Dirt.'

Although usual bassist Tony Levin was unavailable due to his commitments with Crimson Projekct, another session ace, Pino Palladino-- who's played with Nine Inch Nails and the Who, among others -- ably filled in, lending rumbling low end to the formidable rock tune.

After his induction speech, Gabriel took to the piano for another 'Us,' cut, the stark 'Washing Of The Water.' Chris Martin of Coldplay, who inducted Gabriel, joined in with some nicely understated vocals, while Palladino added subtle bass.

The somber cut might not have been an obvious choice for a raucous induction ceremony, but it embodied Gabriel's career, which flouted convention in favor of innovation and self-directed passion.

Appropriately, Gabriel next introduced Senegalese legend Youssou N'Dour to reprise his vocal harmonies on 'In Your Eyes.' Everyone onstage was clearly having a blast performing the iconic song. Gabriel and the rest of the musicians hopped around onstage in unison as they sang, and the harmonies and percussion swelled with celebratory gusto.

N'Dour and Gabriel ended the song by clasping hands and dancing back to back. But the former soon ceded the spotlight to the latter as the song wound down, leaving him to croon the extended outro with customary delicacy and grace.

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