Paul McCartney's 'New' is one of the most highly anticipated rock records of the year, but the former Beatle isn't hedging his bets when it comes to promotional efforts. In fact, he gathered a bunch of familiar faces for the album's second single, 'Queenie Eye.'

According to an anonymous source speaking to the U.K.'s Daily Record, "There were a whole host of celebrities taking part. It was a really mixed bunch. Meryl Streep and [singer] Gary Barlow were in the studio, and there was an audience on set." But what really had tongues wagging was the on-set reunion of former dating partners Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, whose four-year relationship repeatedly made gossip-column headlines between 1994 and 1998.

"They really try to avoid one another in public because there have been raw emotions in the past -- but neither could say no to Macca," explained the source. "They only have little roles, but it’s the first time they’re appearing onscreen together since the split." For McCartney, however, the unlikely seeming reunion was just a matter of calling up a couple of pals. "They are friends of mine and [daughter] Stella’s," he's quoted as saying. "I am very lucky they agreed to do it."

It's all part of a huge wave of promotional activity for 'New,' which comes out tomorrow. McCartney has been seemingly everywhere lately, making appearances on TV and fielding questions on Twitter in between popping up at oddball concert locations like New York City's Times Square and a high-school auditorium in Queens. It's fitting, because McCartney's sonic approach to creating the album was similarly all over the place -- he ultimately ended up working with an array of different producers, and although he recently confessed to the Guardian that the songs might not fit together, he eventually remembered an important musical lesson from his past.

"I thought back to the Beatles, where you would have like a satirical thing, then a heavy, dark, rock thing, then a lighter acoustic thing," he mused. "'Blackbird,' followed by 'Piggies' -- I can't remember the sequence -- followed by 'She's So Heavy'! Anyway, the thing that will hold it all together will be my voice. It's all me singing these different things."

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