'Queenie Eye,' the second song released from Paul McCartney's upcoming album 'New,' turns the pop landscape from the first single upside down.

'New,' which came out at the end of August, was loaded with hand claps, harpsichord and a bubbly rhythm. 'Queenie Eye' runs a rougher current. And it's one that McCartney naturally rolls along with.

Produced by Paul Epworth -- who's worked with pop stars Adele and Rihanna, among others, and is one of four new-school producers on 'New' -- 'Queenie Eye' features McCartney in the same playful mood of his previous single, but with a different side showing up to take over once things settle into their grooves. (The album will be released on Oct. 15.)

The title, and the song to a point, is based on a children's playground game. So it's little surprise that McCartney runs with it like he was just handed the ball. 'Queenie Eye' starts off somber, with droning synths leading up to McCartney's echo-stuffed voice gliding on top of a rhythm that sounds like something from the final days of the Beatles, particularly 'The White Album''s bass-and-drum bounce.

Plus, the "O-U-T spells out" line reprises a similar one in the band's 'Christmas Time (Is Here Again),' connecting the song to McCartney's former band, as did 'New' with its 'Revolver'-era pop explosion.

After spending the past decade or so digging up his soggiest roots, it seems -- from the first two singles at least -- that McCartney is getting back to the past that matters: the history he helped shape 50 years ago. It's nostalgia, but it's the right kind of nostalgia, gracefully finding cozy comfort in the familiar.

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