It's another busy week for Paul McCartney. As the onetime Cute Beatle ramps up to the release of his new album -- um, 'New' -- next week, he's shown up online with a new song, at a high school with some instruments and earlier today in Times Square, where he performed four songs.

It all started with a tweet from McCartney at noon, in which he announced, "Wow! Really excited to be playing New York Times Square at 1pm this afternoon!" Which, of course, got hundreds of fans rushing to be part of McCartney's impromptu concert.

An hour or so later, according to Rolling Stone, McCartney and his band arrived in a series of taxis and climbed atop a truck that was parked on the street blocking traffic. McCartney and band used the truck as a makeshift stage (yes, this was all planned) for a brief set. "OK, we're just going to do a few songs from my new album," he said. "Ready?"

He then played four songs from his upcoming album: the title track, 'Save Us,' 'Everybody Out There' and 'Queenie Eye,' 'New''s second single, which was released earlier this week.

Apparently, McCartney was given only a short amount of time to stop traffic in the middle of the day in New York City. "We've just been told we've only got one more," he told the gathered crowd. "We've only got 15 minutes!" After finishing 'Queenie Eye,' he said "See you next time!" and left.

We have a feeling "next time" might not be too long of a wait. After all, there's five whole days left until 'New' comes out and plenty of promotional opportunities to explore.

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