Pat Travers returns March 17 with his latest studio album, Retro Rocket.

As Travers tells Classic Rock Revisited, his new recordings highlight an old-school approach. "With Retro Rocket, all I really did was just strip everything down," he explained. "I had a ’57 Gold Top Les Paul and no effects, and I just played it all one time through. I did a couple of overdubs, but nothing major. I just tried to get that raw kind of feel that bands were doing in the '70s because they had to – there was no other way to record then."

As Travers tells it, his Retro Rocket sound captures exactly where he's heading in 2015. "More and more, I'm using less and less of any kinds of effects on guitar," he added. "I'm even using less guitar picks, and I'm playing my Fender Telecaster a lot more. I'm into finding things on a simple guitar that sound great without having to sex them up to make them sound good."

The studio follow-up to 2013's Can Do, Retro Rocket serves as Travers' second release of the year, arriving just a couple of months after the new concert recording Live at the Iridium. "I played in New York many times, and I never seemed to have a good show. Something was always screwy or not right and something went wrong," he said of the decision to release the 2012 performance captured on the new CD. "When we played at the Iridium, the people were so nice and made us feel great. It's not a big place, but we had a full house, so it was a really comfortable situation."

Retro Rocket is available for pre-order now. Check out the complete track listing below.

Pat Travers Retro Rocket Track Listing
"I Always Run"
"Searching for a Clue"
"Who Can You Turn To"
"Up Is Down"
"Mystery at the Wrecking Yard"
"You Can’t Get Their From Hare"
"I Am Alive"
"I Wanna Be Free"
"Hellbound Train"
"Looking Up (Live) [CD only]
"Lead Me Home" (Theme From The Walking Dead)

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