Ozzy Osbourne said he still had issues with the 1986 album The Ultimate Sin, which remains his least favorite release from his solo career.

His fourth LP contained the hit single “Shot in the Dark” and has achieved double-platinum sales, but it's out of print; and the Black Sabbath icon said he still wasn’t happy with what he heard.

“Ron Nevison didn’t really do a great production job,” Osbourne told Rolling Stone in a new interview. “The songs weren’t bad; they were just put down weird. Everything felt and sounded the fucking same. There was no imagination.” He added: “If there was ever an album I’d like to remix and do better, it would be The Ultimate Sin.”

Ozzy Osbourne - 'Shot in the Dark'

Reflecting on the dark and gothic imagery of his early solo career, he said it hadn’t been a conscious decision. “Coming from a band called Black Sabbath, it would have been fucking weird if I was going around like, ‘We’re all going on a summer holiday,'” he argued. “It was Sabbath, but more accessible. It was just a natural thing.”

Osbourne just announced a vinyl box set titled See You On the Other Side, which contains a disc of rarities including material with late guitarist Randy Rhoads. “People keep asking me, have I got things that never got released with Randy,” he noted. “Unfortunately, he was with me such a short amount of time.” He recalled Rhoads as a person with a bright personality, saying: “He wouldn’t lie there getting fucked up like the rest of us.”


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