You don't lead a life as colorful as Ozzy Osbourne's without piling up your share of regrets, and Ozzy definitely has more than a few -- some of which he divulged during a recent conversation with the U.K.'s Daily Mail.

"I should be dead. I don’t know why I’m not. Most of the people I used to get off my head with are dead. I’ve fallen down stairs, over stairs, over balconies," mused Osbourne, looking back over his years as one of rock's most infamously hard-partying superstars. "I once jumped out of a hotel window thinking it was the ground floor, but I was two floors up. I landed in a rosebush. I didn’t even get a scratch. I didn’t think I’d see 40 let alone 60. There’s no reason on earth I should still be alive."

Rosebushes are the least of what troubles Osbourne when he remembers the past, however. Asked to describe his biggest regrets, he sighed, "The way I treated both my wives. I was a bad father, an abusive husband and I had an ego the size of India. I spent decades of my life being an absolute idiot. I’ve got so many regrets I can’t even remember half of them. But wives and kids are right at the top. It’s pointless even saying sorry. I couldn’t say it enough times. All I can do is stay sober."

And staying sober is what he's dedicated to doing these days, after a much-publicized relapse during the sessions for Black Sabbath's '13' album. "Someone must be looking after me. I’ve even had doctors check out my blood cells to find out why the hell I haven’t managed to kill myself and whether I’ve got some special DNA. They came back with pages of reports," he shrugged, laughing that he "didn’t understand half of it but none of it said DEAD."

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