Twenty years after they used to jam together, there's apparently no love lost between Nikki Sixx and Sebastian Bach. The Motley Crue bassist took a swipe at the former Skid Row singer for still using the term, "former Skid Row singer."

On his "Sixx Sense" radio show (audio below), Sixx came across a news story about a TV show that raised some hackles. "A new celebrity singing competition is coming to TV, like we haven't had enough," he said. "It's called 'Sing Your F---ing Face Off.' It's actually just called 'Sing Your Face Off.' Five celebrities, including former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach. When is he gonna let go of 'the former Skid Row?' I mean, at this point, dude, you've been out of Skid Row longer than Skid Row was even alive, Like, let it go! OK. He's gonna have to impersonate different musical icons. It should be fascinating. It starts May 31 on ABC. Let me set my DVR to 'Snooze.'"

Much as we'll admit that Sixx has a point in suggesting that Bach, who parted ways with Skid Row in 1999, is still using his fame from his old band, perhaps we should cut Bach some slack. After all, he was the frontman and very public face of Skid Row during their heyday. Besides, Paul McCartney is still referred to as a "former Beatle" 44 years after the fact and nobody bats an eye, right?

Regardless, in addition to his upcoming TV gig, Bach has been preparing for the April 22 release of his next solo album, 'Give 'Em Hell.' He recently took his former bandmates to task for not wanting to reunite and tour in honor of the 25th anniversary of their 1989 self-titled debut.

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