Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason said he’d gotten tired of waiting for colleagues Roger Waters and David Gilmour to call him about a reunion.

The band last performed together at Live 8 in 2005, and with the death of keyboardist Rick Wright in 2008, a full reunion became impossible. Gilmour confirmed that the band's 2014 album The Endless River was its last word, but rumors have continued to circulate that the three surviving members could play again at some point.

Mason made his lighthearted comment during a show with his new band, Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets, which he formed to play early Floyd material. On the stage in London’s Roundhouse last night, he told the audience he’d “finally given up waiting for that phone call from Roger or David.”

He’d previously joked about the accusation that his group was a tribute band, saying, “As you know now, we are not the Australian Rogers Waters. Nor are we the Danish David Gilmours.”

You can watch a video of the band in action below.

Singer Gary Kemp, formerly of Spandau Ballet, described Mason as “a nicer, funnier, less egotistical man than you could ever hope to meet.” “He truly is the heartbeat of Pink Floyd,” he added.

The lineup is completed by Lee Harris of the Blockheads plus Pink Floyd collaborators Guy Pratt and Dom Beken.

“What I underestimated was the enthusiasm, not of the audience, but of the band,” Mason said earlier this year. “Everyone wants to do everything: 'We want to go to America.' 'We want to go to South America.' 'What about Peru?' It's like a travel agency. … But I'm absolutely delighted. I’m really enjoying it.”

Mason said he thinks the new group has "found a niche for ourselves, which is to do something that is not being done by everyone else, by the tribute bands or by Roger or David." "It's a real return to some of the improvised sections and the atmosphere of the songs," he noted. "The tendency in this day and age is to try and recreate things perfectly. We bring imperfection.”



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