With apologies to the recent Oscar-winning film, Neil Young's new silent flick is truly about "the artist."

Young and his band Crazy Horse return this Tuesday (June 5) with a new album, 'Americana,' and the iconic vocalist has let the artfulness of the project spread beyond just the music -- Young teamed with graphic designer Shepard Fairey to create a silent film about an author (Young) who visits an illustrator (Fairey) in hopes of finding some new pieces that will fit his book about great American songs.

While the movie is done in silent-film style, there is a soundtrack to the whole production that's mostly filled by tracks from the 'Americana' album. Shot mostly in black-and-white with a few scenes in color, director Bernard Shakey (aka Young) really gives it that old pre-talkies feel.

The movie, which clocks in at 41 minutes, can currently be seen on the front page of Young's website. NPR reports that some of the artwork created by Fairey will be displayed at the Perry Rubinstein Gallery in Los Angeles during the months of June and July as well.

Young seems to have become a real fan of the film medium -- in addition to the new art movie, he's already released four videos from 'Americana,' including 'Oh Susanna,' 'Jesus Chariot,' 'Clementine' and 'God Save the Queen.'

But if it's live shows you want instead, Young has booked a handful of dates in support of 'Americana' too. Fans can look for him playing a two-night stand August 5 and 6 at the picturesque Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado as a warm-up for a headlining appearance at San Francisco's Outside Lands festival the weekend of August 10.

Young also has a pair of October festival appearances scheduled, playing the Austin City Limits festival October 13 and then heading off to New Orleans for the Voodoo Experience the weekend of October 26.