It's no secret that Lemmy Kilmister's recent health woes have been complicated by his infamously reckless lifestyle -- but according to his manager, the Motorhead frontman is refusing to heed doctors' advice.

"He’s been up and down -- he’s got a really bad diabetic problem and it changes on a daily basis," explained manager Todd Singerman during a recent interview with Decibel. "A lot of it is fighting the bad habits, the things he’s not supposed to do any more. He’s stopped smoking, but he probably sneaks Jack and Coke here and there -- he’d be lying if he said he’d stopped."

More problematic than the occasional sneaked cocktail, however, is Lemmy's apparent misunderstanding of how this whole "healthier lifestyle" thing is supposed to work. "He’s been trying to substitute it with wine," said Singerman. "That was the compromise with the doctors: trade the Jack for the wine. He thinks wine’s better than Jack, but it’s still got tons of sugar. He doesn’t tell them he’s drinking two f---ing bottles either. These are the battles we’re up against. He doesn’t grasp that he’s just trading one demon for the other."

Despite the dire tone of his comments, Singerman hasn't lost hope. "The bottom line is that he needs to find a balance and then live that balance for a few months," he explained. "But we can’t find the balance yet. He has great days and then he f---s it up. And when you f--- up, you go backwards."

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