In what's becoming something of a rite of passage for aging hair metal stars, Vince Neil has cleared some room in his schedule for an appearance in an upcoming episode of the Travel Channel's 'Ghost Adventures' -- not to be mistaken for 'Ghost Encounters,' the Biography Channel series that Neil previously guested on.

If that seems like a surplus of ghost-themed 'reality' shows on basic cable, well, we can't disagree. But suiting a star of Neil's stature, this isn't just any episode of 'Ghost Adventures' -- it's the season finale, and it will reportedly find the Motley Crue frontman braving a supposedly haunted hotel with a group of celebrity-like beings that includes, as Loudwire put it, "Frank Sinatra’s former pianist and the 2006 World Series of Poker champion."

With his latest paranormal television adventure, Neil will up the ante on his platinum-maned '80s rival Bret Michaels, whose appearance on a 2011 episode of 'Celebrity Ghost Adventures' previously tied him with Neil for most reality ghost show tapings by former guests on 'Headbanger's Ball.'

If you'd like to help Vince celebrate his latest milestone -- and determine whether spirits from the beyond are, in fact, haunting a Las Vegas hotel -- you can tune into the season finale of 'Ghost Adventures' on the Travel Channel at 9PM on April 27.