Poison frontman Bret Michaels has revealed that the spirit of his departed grandmother visited him, not once, but twice in his life, and credits the first meeting with giving him the willpower to succeed in his career.

"I am not a person, that, every time I hear a crackle, or a sound in the attic ... I don't immediately say it's a ghost," Michaels explains at the beginning of his appearance on 'Celebrity Ghost Stories.' "However, I believe I have absolutely, for sure, seen an apparition in my life."

He goes on to explain how a strange light in a basement, in the middle of a life-defining day where the 17-year old future rock star was wrestling with his parents' divorce, his own diabetes, the death of his beloved grandmother and the fear of never escaping small town life, convinced him he needed to get serious about his music.

"Now it scared the hell out of me," Michaels admits, "but when I think back about it, it just motivated me enough, to let me know that my life, hanging out with these friends, was going nowhere. So badly that day, I needed a sign, and I got it."

Years later, his grandmother appeared in more recognizable form -- apparently she'd gotten better at this in the intervening years -- on the deck of the Malibu home Michaels had purchased as a result of his success with Poison, who are currently out on tour with fellow rockers Motley Crue. This time, though, her message was one of congratulations and family love. See the whole thing for yourself with the link below:

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