You don't have to look too deep into Motley Crue's farewell tour to know who's sponsoring it. If "Dodge Presents: Motley Crue – The Final Tour" doesn't make all this clear enough, the series of ads featuring the band's songs certainly does.

In the latest ad for the Dodge Charger, a little bit of 'Kickstart My Heart' can be heard seeping out of the car's sound system as the voice-over narration jokes about what's actually for sale here. "Here it is -- the 470 horsepower, Hemi V8, butt-kicking, Motley Crue-blasting ... Volkswagen Passat," says the narrator before adding, "Just kidding, it's a Charger." As the car speeds off, the Crue's classic song can be heard from its speakers. You can watch the commercial above.

“The 2015 Dodge Charger and Challenger are the ultimate American Muscle Cars, just as the much-anticipated Motley Crue Final Tour is the ultimate high-octane music event of the summer,” notes Dodge/Chrysler president and CEO Tim Kuniskis in a press release.

But the tour hasn't unfolded without its share of problems. From bad reviews to crowd violence to a traffic fatality involving one of its crew trucks, it hasn't been a smooth ride. On the flip side, the band did manage to debut a new song on the road.

As for 'Kickstart My Heart,' the song may have barely climbed into the Top 30 when it was released in 1989, but it's since become a rock radio staple and a favorite among advertisers. The song has been used extensively in commercials, movies, TV shows and video games over the years.

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