With Mick Jagger turning 68 today (July 26) and MTV turning 30 next week (Aug. 1), we take a look at five of the best music videos featuring the legendary singer. Whether he's fronting the Rolling Stones, performing solo or duetting with fellow music superstars, Jagger has appeared in some memorable clips. As Jagger works with his new group, SuperHeavy, we celebrate his birthday by taking a look back at five music videos that are highlighted by the veteran rocker's presence:

5. 'Love Is Strong'

Maybe not one of the Rolling Stones' better songs, but the video is epic. Jagger and his bandmates appear Godzilla-like as they stomp their way across New York City as larger-than-life figures.

4. 'Dancing in the Street'

Jagger teams up with fellow rock legend David Bowie in the video for 'Dancing in the Street,' the pair's version of a tune originally recorded by Martha and the Vandellas and later covered by the Mamas & the Papas and Van Halen.

3. 'Waiting on a Friend'

Here's a really cool video that features Jagger and Keith Richards hanging out on a stoop before meeting up with the rest of their Stones bandmates at a bar in the New York's Greenwich Village.

2. 'Just Another Night'

One of Jagger's biggest solo hits, 'Just Another Night' features '80s actress Rae Dawn Chong in its video. See Jagger flirt with the starlet before taking the stage to perform the tune off his 1985 album, 'She's the Boss.'

1. 'It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)'

This pre-MTV video features Jagger and the Stones performing the song dressed up in sailor uniforms before they are eventually consumed by soap bubbles. A classic clip for a classic tune.

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