Journey guitarist Neal Schon is giving fans what they asked for: more, public canoodling with girlfriend Michaele Salahi. Oh wait … who asked for that again?

TMZ reports that the lovers will soon be rolling around on the beach like teenagers for the band's new music video for the song 'Resonate.' The dramatic rock-ballad plays like a love note from one to the other.

"When I'm alone I keep replaying the look of love in your eyes / When I miss home I swear I die every time we said goodbye / Like a gentle wind you cross my mind / I lose myself I lose all sense of time."

Schon came up with the concept for the video and the band is reportedly all for it. Commenting readers under the post at TMZ are not as excited to be seeing more of the couple, who seemingly haven't been separated by more than the fiber's of Salahi's tight fitting dresses since she left her husband Tareq in Sept. 2011. "Eww," one reader says. That's really the only one suitable for print on a PG-13 website.

The video for 'Resonate' will be released on (of course) Valentine's Day.

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