Michaele Salahi, star of the 'Real Housewives of D.C.,' has apparently not been kidnapped as her husband Tareq Salahi reported earlier this week, but instead has been in the company of Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

So, it's kind of a good news / bad news situation for the husband. Imagine being the cop making that phone call:  "Yeah, hi...your wife is safe, she just ran off with one of the biggest rock stars of the '80s. Most likely they're just having long conversations, I wouldn't worry about it."

TMZ reports that Michaele and Schon have in fact been dating, and that Journey's marketing team has confirmed that "nobody kidnapped her and they are in Memphis together." Tareq had reported his wife missing after she missed hair and dance class appointments, then told him she was heading to her mother's house, a ruse her mother apparently didn't know she was supposed to play along with.

Authorities were able to contact Michaele on the phone and determine she was safe, traveling with the band of her own free will, and furthermore, didn't want her husband to know where he was.

The Salahis made national news back in 2009 for crashing a White House state dinner and having their photograph taken with President Barack Obama.

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