Metallica are asking their fans for help in assembling content for upcoming reissues of two of their earliest albums, 1983's 'Kill 'Em All' and 1984's 'Ride the Lightning.' They're hoping to put out deluxe editions of the CDs sometime next year.

"We want it all!" the band writes on its website. "Did you manage to sneak a video camera into a show long before they fit in your pocket? Maybe your old instamatic camera for some snap shots? A cassette Walkman with a microphone? We’re looking for anything and everything ... audio, video, photos, fliers, ticket stubs, the set list you picked up off the floor, and in general any mementos you may have from that around that time."

Metallica note that their call a couple months ago for 'Master of Puppets' memorabilia for a book they're putting together worked out "in a very big way." So they're hoping fans "can dip into [their] personal archives and find some gems."

There's more info on the band's site about where to contact the group and some stuff "the lawyers made [them] add." But they're stressing that "nothing is too small or too trivial ... share your archives with your fellow fans and have some fun with us walking down memory lane."

It's going to be a busy couple weeks for Metallica. Yesterday, they announced that they would spend an entire week at ’The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson,’ starting on Nov. 17, performing and sitting down with the host for a chat.

The week after that, they'll be releasing a extras-stuffed Blu-ray edition of their 2004 documentary 'Some Kind of Monster.' That same week, on Black Friday Record Store Day (which is Nov. 28), they're putting out a limited-edition 12-inch ‘Lords of Summer’ vinyl featuring a previously unreleased version of the song they debuted earlier this year.

They also have a few concerts coming up over the next couple weeks. After that, presumably, they'll start working -- again? -- on that album that was, at one time, supposed to be finished in September.

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