As promised, Metallica took the stage of 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson' last night, beginning a five-night residency with a band-focused episode that included a performance of 'Hit the Lights.'

ABC News Radio reports that the show's interview segment found Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich reminiscing about a couple of the more embarrassing moments in the band's history, including the night that ended with Ulrich barfing all over his shirt in front of Motorhead frontman Lemmy.

"Lemmy came to town and I was pretty nervous, so [I drank] a couple of shots of straight vodka," recalled Ulrich. "So I tried that outside of Lemmy's hotel, walked in and a couple of hours later I woke up and I'd been photographed, and it ended up on the inner sleeve of the next Motorhead album [1986's 'Orgasmotron']."

Ulrich and singer/guitarist James Hetfield also looked back on the making of 'Some Kind of Monster,' the documentary -- currently celebrating its 10th anniversary with a deluxe reissue -- that depicted the turbulent sessions for the band's 'St. Anger' LP. "They came up to San Francisco to film the process of us making a new record," explained Ulrich. "And then over the course of the next few months, one breakdown after another breakdown occurred."

Metallica's 'Late Late Show' residency was supposed to be one of two taking place on late night this week, but U2's scheduled stay on 'The Tonight Show' had to be tabled after Bono needed surgery following a spill from a bike. Check out last night's performance of 'Hit the Lights' above.

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