Did you squirm through Metallica's 'Some Kind of Monster' documentary? You're not alone -- in fact, James Hetfield had a hard time watching it too.

"Yeah," Hetfield admitted during his Oct. 23 appearance on Elliot in the Morning when asked if it was hard for him to sit through the movie. "Hearing yourself, watching yourself, seeing the mirror back at what other people see. Especially where Joe and Bruce, the directors of this, they ended up being pretty much fly on the wall, so you really kind of forget the cameras are there and you're being yourself."

All that discomfort served a purpose, however. "A lot of times I'm not really comfortable with myself and seeing myself in the situations, but, man, I learned a lot about what I don't like about me. Which was good -- it was a good mirror," added Hetfield. "And I think everyone involved in that movie pretty much felt the same way about themselves."

The discussion came as Metallica prepares for a 10th anniversary edition of 'Some Kind of Monster,' which arrives Nov. 24 and adds an extra disc of bonus material that includes new interviews with the directors, the band, and footage from the premiere of their recent 3D concert movie 'Through the Never.'

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