Can't wait any longer to finally listen to the much-hyped Metallica / Lou Reed joint 'Lulu?" You're in luck! Just one day after releasing 30-second audio snippets of each track from the album, "Loutallica" have unleashed 'Lulu' in full force and its now streaming in its entirety online. Look below for a direct link to the stream.

The disc certainly has received more than its share of press leading up to its Nov. 1 official release date, spawning overwhelming interest in exactly what kind of creature mating the avant savant Reed and metal monsters Metallica would create. The first song to surface, debut single 'The View,' received mixed reviews (to put it generously) when it was released online a few weeks back.

We're listening to 'Lulu' as we type this, so expect a complete assessment coming soon. That said, opening track 'Brandenburg Gate' kicks things off with a distinctly off-the-cuff vibe that meshes with Reed's revelation that 'Lulu' was tracked live in the studio, "[with] us staring at each other, playing."

It's both darkly discordant and strangely melodic, with Reed 's studied opening line "I would cut my legs and tits off / When I think of Boris Karloff and Kinski" soon giving way to Reed and Hetfield trading off lyrics over a downright catchy loose groove. After so much doubt and cast in direction of 'Lulu,' we'd have to say its a promising start. It works.

‘Lulu’ will be issued in several formats, including a two-CD version, a two-LP vinyl set and a deluxe poster box set, on Nov. 1. Pre-orders are available here.

Are for ready for 'Lulu?' She is waiting for you! Give her a spin and tell us what you think.